To overly obsess about what we think we deserve only ensures that we will dampen the happiness and prolong the hurt.

June 2020

The deceptions — personal, shared, and systemic — our country depends on in order to continue abusing us without accountability are being exposed.

March 2020

It's easier to breathe when we aren’t burdened with self-deception.
Elon Musk is SHOOKYou just invented a time machine that allows you to visit a past version of yourself for three minutes.
Alexa, play "One More Year" by Tame Impala

February 2020

There were times when I was so worried about America, I’d set my life on fire every night after work.

January 2020

As we scramble to find joy wherever we can, here are some sources of joy I think you might like.
It is a wonder any of us actually know where we came from, why and how.

December 2019

What's your New Year's Determination?What is something you are determined to do in 2020? (Pro-tip: Use the “will” verb — as in, “I will write a first draft of that novel I’ve been t…
Alexa, play "A Change Is Gonna Come" by Sam Cooke
Alexa, play "Lights Up" by Harry Styles

November 2019

Alexa , play "Hard Times" by Paramore