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Took me two years to find this.

I stopped drinking around this time, I think. I didn't make note of when I stopped because I was afraid I would fail, again, and didn't want to have that recorded.

I drank again recently, and was so very, very sick the next day. I hate this country so much sometimes, and I hate myself for not doing anything to stop all the horrors. But what good does it do to poison myself? Thanks for this. I think I found it today because I needed it. Or it found me. I'm so grateful that you choose to write your thoughts down and put them out here. So grateful that you record your life, instead of living in fear. And to be so afraid of others' judgement/criticism, as I am, is just pathetic. I'm sure you're saving lives. Braver, more productive people than me are reading your words and are also rescued.

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