THREAD: Reeling Right Alongside You

I’m scared, upset and reeling right alongside you. As Adam Serwer wrote for The Atlantic this week, the Supreme Court isn’t just in the process of repealing Roe v. Wade, it’s in the process of “repealing the 20th century.”

“All over the world the right to decide when and whether to give birth is tied to the political, social, and economic rights of women as individuals. That right is likely to be severely curtailed or to vanish entirely in at least 26 states if this decision takes effect. If the draft becomes the Court’s decision, however, it would have implications for more than just abortion. In the U.S., the rights of many marginalized groups are tied to the legal precedents established in the fight for abortion rights. This opinion, if adopted, provides a path to nullifying those rights one by one.”

[Insert your panic-stricken expletive of choice right here.]

For now, let’s build a brain trust for reproductive justice. Please use this thread to share:

  • Books / articles that can provide context and insight

  • Trusted experts and activists we can follow to learn more

  • Abortion funds and other groups we can support

(I believe that reproductive justice is a human right. I also believe in blocking and rudely talking about people who try to cause a fuss in my comments. If you wanna debate someone’s right to make decisions about their own body, I’m sure you can find a venue as rancid as your opinion. But this ain’t it. Don’t try me.)