Feb 16, 2022

POEM: Hey, Robyn—It’s Me, Whitney

"You can't outrun a sound."

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Saeed Jones
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Deleted Voice Message: Hey, Robyn—It’s Me, Whitney

I keep waking up a new color of lonely,

exhausted from runs across bridges

through storms in my sleep. That’s nothing

but the Devil, Mama chimes. Should’ve known,

the chorus. I run to you, even when I stand

spotlit onstage. A false wind chants “Whitney”

instead of my name. Robyn, I don’t know

what’s worse: trying to wrap my warmth

around yours then realizing I’m still in bed

with him, or reaching for you in the dark

and only being held by darkness. Tell

no one, not even me, but I hear a silence

dragging its chains, and baby, I know better

than most: you can’t outrun a sound.