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Fun story- you sent me a few gift subscription invitations and I sent one to my friend Dusty Bryndal who lives in Brooklyn and wrote a chapbook Losing Judah about the death of her son who was riding his bicycle in Nashville and hit by a car. My mother is a midwife and delivered Judah. And so I’d sent your Werk In Progress invite to Dusty who accepted and she texted me from Seattle’s Elliott Books where she was doing a reading from her book yesterday and she said she was going to get to hear you read! Zero degrees of separation 💛♾️💛

And I LOVE your podcast. My father who lives in TN incorrectly thought the ban on Drag only applied to kids at Drag shows and I sent him a link to your Vibe Check podcast and an invite to your Substack. My brother Jude used to say- Telegraph, Telegram, Tell-Ida!

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